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Cookery classes for groups



The group cookery classes take place in our space at the pre-agreed time. Groups are from 10 people. It is not necessary that everyone in the group know each other. People who come alone or in a smaller group have the chance to join one of the larger groups that already exists or is being created.

Sessions begin with a welcome cocktail and hors d'oeuvres. Then we (Titina and Marga) give the class in the space's kitchen. The recipes that we teach are based on seasonal Mediterranean cooking and made using local produce. We are inspired by traditional cooking and we reinterpret it with our own personal touches.

When the class has finished, the group sits at the table to eat the dishes (starter, main and dessert) that they have learnt how to cook. All of this in the intimate and cosy environment that our cookery space offers.

*The duration of a complete session, which includes the cookery class and meal, is usually around three hours, so we usually begin between 8 and 9pm.


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About us

MiT is an anagram made up of the initials of our names, Marga and Titina. Marga's enthusiasm to work in something that inspires both of us brought us together. From there, we started giving classes to friends, to our children and their friends, always in an informal and homely environment. More info...

MiT Espai de cuina

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  • Tel: 675 62 83 70
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