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Lunches and dinners for non-natives

Comidas y cenas para extranjeros

We offer you the opportunity to have a fun and original gastronomic experience: a lunch or dinner in our intimate and welcoming space, which we will open for you and your group.

You can taste quintessential Medierranean dishes like paella, fieduá (vermicelli paella), rice dishes, chicken with crayfish and prawns or Catalan burnt cream. You will also have the chance to speak with the chefs.

We also have a flat screen TV last generation available to our customers.

An original and unforgettable activity for your stay in Barcelona!

Number of people: 10 people and upwards


Lunch: 55€ per person Class + dinner: 55€ per person

Incluye: It includes: hors d’oeuvres + welcome cocktail + starter + main + pudding + wines + coffee

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About us

MiT is an anagram made up of the initials of our names, Marga and Titina. Marga's enthusiasm to work in something that inspires both of us brought us together. From there, we started giving classes to friends, to our children and their friends, always in an informal and homely environment. More info...

MiT Espai de cuina

You will find us at:

  • Adress: C/Milà i Fontanals 14-26, Barcelona
  • Tel: 675 62 83 70
  • Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.